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Are there any Scooby Doo games out? I have been looking and couldnt find any? I am talking about for the 360. If there arent have you guys heard of any in the works?

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honestly now? SCOOBY DOO? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh jeeeeees:(:(
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ahahahaha are you 4?
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ahahahaha are you 4?scotty992

well thats just being mean.....I wasn't calling him 4, I just didn't think anybody was interested in scooby doo video gamaes, and to think about them makes me shutter because I am quite confident they would be terrible

and to answer your question HoOvEn, no I don't believe there are any in the works

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Hey don't knock scooby..LOL! My son loves the scooby doo games but there isn't any on 360 (to my knowledge) and it was extremely hard to find them on the regular xbox. I ended up having to order those online for him!!!