Samsung UN40D6500 and Xbox 360

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hi, i'm having some issues with my xbox or game or tv.

On GTA V when I move the camera around or just free roaming the city the game do not run smoothly, it's like stuttering.

On Red Dead Redemption I can play very well, but only with the game mode activated in tv. This problem happens more in GTA V. I have modern warfare 3 and I didn't note any lag or low framerate or stuttering

I want a Ps4 for this chritmas but this problem with framerate or lags are a little bit annoying so I don't know if it's good ideia to buy a ps4 or another console.

I would like some help

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not sure but I found playing with Samsung game mode on made playing games worse

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Game mode is better be on. Makes my gta more fluid, but not 100%.

RDR is fluid like mw3, just gta has some low framerate

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I have the un40D6000 I haven't had any issues like that at all. I have game mode set all the time and it makes my games more responsive not smoother. the quality of the video is reduced slightly in order to process the images at a faster rate. but it should not cause complete destruction of the video.

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One other thing I could see happening is if you are playing a game in 720i or 1080i. That and the combination of game mode may cause screen Tearing.

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I'm playing in 1080p, but my mw3 or rdr runs very good, very smooth

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The only thing I know that might cause that is if you downloaded the game to the HDD, which the people at GameStop tell you not to do, because the game will play like a big mess.

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Well, I think is my xbox or the game, because I've tried in all of my tv inclusive my pc monitor and have the same issue. I'll buy PS4, because I think it's not my tvs fault. More, I think tvs don't make the game running slow... I think...

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this sitting for samsung tv remote > menu > picture > picture options

colour tone choose standard

digital noise filter off

MPEG noise filter off

motion plus off

led motion plus off