Ryse with Smartglass was more enjoyable

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Like some of you, I picked up Ryse at launch and thought it was remarkably average at best. However, due to the game drought, I figured I'd replay it on Legendary and get all the collectables. Major Nelson recently released a video showing the smartglass features for the game and it not only has a strategy guide, it shows you where all the collectables are, which was really nice. Furthermore, using smartglass unlocked a comic book and a cutscene viewer, which was a little added bonus that enhanced the plot.

When I played the game initially, I recall thinking that the collectables were useless, and that there was no point in getting them, but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the comic and appreciated the strategy and collectable guide. It doesn't make the gameplay better, though playing on Legendary was notably more fun than the regular settings.

One more thing... I used smarglass on a tablet. I tried in on my phone and it was so tiny it felt unusable.

So If you have a tablet and bought Ryse, give it a try.

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I personally thought Smartglass video tutorials for the collectibles were terribly confusing, I couldn't follow them thoroughly and had to use a different guide.

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I didn't know you could use smartglass for playing games. I tried on the 360 but it didn't work.

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I'm gunna play this sucker at the weekend.

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@donalbane: Yeah I heard about that and had totally forgotten about it during my first playthrough on normal. On my 2nd playthrough now (Centurion difficulty I think it's called) and I tried using Smartglass on my Windows8 phone, but I got a message saying it needed to be on a tablet.....of course, I've been trying since December to buy a new Surface 2(its getting rave reviews) but it's been sold out since then. I'm waiting to start my 3rd playthrough on Legendary until I can get that tablet.

For the other games(BF4, DR3), I have been able to use my wp8 smartglass and overall I like what they did with the app this time around, they definitely put more effort into it compared to what it was on the 360. The actual Smartglass application is also much better, starts up much faster and is far more useful than its 360 counterpart. They're not there quite yet, but this is a great start.

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Yeah I think it's a double edged sword, though... if you don't have SmartGlass - especially on a tablet - the collectables seem largely unimportant. Similarly, the only way to play all of the missions in Dead Rising 3 is to play with SmartGlass. It's a great feature, but I wonder if it's going to get continued support if revs see data that very few people use it.

Incidentally the SmartGlass integration in Dead Rising 3 is one of the neatest applications of second screen gaming I've ever seen. Using your cellphone like the cellphone Nick gets in the game was brilliant, and getting a 'call' from NPCs feels amazing, as does calling in air strikes.

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I used Youtube videos instead to find those. I'm not sure if it was my tablet (Which is fairly strong) or just the App, but the Ryse companion app ran horribly for me. It was really slow, choppy, and often froze up.

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I will use my ipod

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To those expressing problems with the app collectable guide... I did have a couple of problems myself -- specifically, with one of the Vistas located in the Tower of the 3rd level, cliffs of Dover, and a final scroll on the last level just after you beat the Scorpio intro. However, it turned out I couldn't get the Vista without first defeating the non-archer enemies in the room first, and in the second case I just missed a secret gate entrance that, once passed, you cannot backtrack to without restarting the whole level.

So I admit it wasn't perfect, but for 95% of the pickups, I thought it was a welcome edition to the game, and a feature I'd like to see in every first party title that features collectables. Maybe if there was a map in Ryse, it would have been better.