Ryse with Smartglass was far more enjoyable

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Like some of you, I picked up Ryse at launch and thought it was remarkably average at best. However, due to the game drought, I figured I'd replay it on Legendary and get all the collectables. Major Nelson recently released a video showing the smartglass features for the game (see above), and it not only has a strategy guide, it shows you where all the collectables are, which was really nice. Furthermore, using smartglass unlocked a comic book and a cutscene viewer, which was a little added bonus that enhanced the plot.

When I played the game initially, I recall thinking that the collectables were useless, and that there was no point in getting them, but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the comic and appreciated the strategy and collectable guide. It doesn't make the gameplay better, though playing on Legendary was notably more fun than the regular settings.

One more thing... I used smarglass on a tablet. I tried in on my phone and it was so tiny it felt unusable.

So If you have a tablet and bought Ryse, give it a try.

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Cheers, I will give this a blast as I actually really enjoyed it on standard and aim to replay on Legendary : )

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this game is amazing it didn't deserve the low score it received from gamespot.