RWD is not as good as FWD and 4WD?

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I was playing Forza 5 and found out my driving is way worse when I drive a RWD. The car has higher raring, but, it was not as good as the Ford Fiesta which has lower rating. The car I drove slides so easily on a turn. And with Ferrari, the car feels slippery. When I drive FWD and 4WD, I have so much more grip on turns.

Why do people like RWD? What makes it better except being more expensive?

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I found the trick is that the controls are so realistic that you cant press the trigger fully or else the tires brake loose. You have to press the trigger just as you would the gas pedal and the brake trigger as well. It's all about feathering the controls. Much more realistic than any other game that I have played. The developers did an outstanding job with the controllers. It will be interesting to see if Driveclub's controls can keep up.

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People love RWD because it's much more fun. Nothing beats kicking the car out sideways and bringing it back into line. With AWD that doesn't happen (unless you're pumping out serious power) and obviously all 4 wheels help it grip so well onto the road. FWD is tricky when it comes to trying to achieve power, axle tramp and torque steer is no fun. Ooops now I'm talking about real life lol.

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RWD is fun, mostly because you can oversteer easily if you push your car to it's limits... but yeah it's worse in the rain, snow, and off road. Best is AWD, saves on fuel economy yet you get 4WD when you need it