Recently Bought a XBOX360.....

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i recently bought a used xbox 360 (Limited edition Halo reach console) for $100. i also bought ALL the Halo games, gears of war games and Fable games for dirt cheap (one of the perks of buying a console at the end of its gen hehe ). So i already beat Gears of war, now im playing through gears of war 2 (fantastic game btw)..

So my question is what are some other good exclusive games to pick up?

Also, i have nobody on my friends list lol, so if you guys wanna add me you can, i enjoy playing co-op games with people - gamertag: Marz X

or leave your Gamertag and i'll add you.

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Be sure to check out Toy Soldiers.

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Dead Rising if ur into zombie games.

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Yea because Dead Rising 3 is on Xbox 360. :/

Anyways OP,

Saints Row

Dead Rising 1

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@FinalFighters: Dead Rising is always good.



Alan Wake and Witcher 2 if you are not on PC as well.

I think Saint's Row 1 was a 360 exclusive as well if I'm not mistaken.

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Yes, Saints Row was exclusive. :)

...but then they brought the series to PS3.

OP, I'll add you. :P

I don't have gold right now due to money trouble, but plan to get it soon. lol

I mostly play Skyrim and State of decay these days on my 360, or can be seen on my Windows Phone playing Hexic or Tetris.

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ok, thanks guys. i'll check out crackdown and dead rising. im not into racing sims so i'll pass on the forza games.

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I think you've got enough games to keep you busy before you start looking into buying more lol. Careful you are treading on a very thin line here, by accumulating a huge backlog and only finishing half the games like we're all so guilty of.

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I still have a PS1 backlog lmao.

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ok, thanks guys. i'll check out crackdown and dead rising. im not into racing sims so i'll pass on the forza games.

And don't forget Alan Wake, it's a horror game with a novel/suspense feel to it....very underrated!

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Most decent exclusives have already been suggested. I still haven't completed GoW 2 on Insane difficulty and I really need a co-op partner because it's near impossible to complete solo. If you get round to wanting to complete it on Insane, when you get to Chapter 4 we can perhaps team up? My gamer tag is Comic Capers (basically the same as my user name).

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I'd recommend Halo and GeoW games, but you got that covered.

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Kameo Elements of Power. Was actually a launch title on the 360, but really good. A little short, but the gameplay is tons of fun with plenty of variety.

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Project Gotham Racing 4

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Project Gotham Racing 4

This. Such as shame we never got any more PGR games because Bizarre Creations folded :(