Reasons for the XB1

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Hi all!

For those of you who have an XBox 360 and are buying an XBox One, what are some of your reasons for choosing the XB1 over the PS4? Is it out of loyalty to the brand? Or your experience on the 360? Or for other reasons?

I have the XBox One preordered and I can't wait. I've had a fantastic experience with the XBox 360 since I dove into it in 2009. I'm excited for Forza 5, COD Ghosts, AC IV, and Ryse. I'm also excited for upcoming titles such as Quantum Break and Watch Dogs.

Alot of people are scoffing, but I'm also excited that Kinect is included-- I've never actually tried Kinect and so I'm eager to see what XB1 will do with it.

Finally, there's just nothing on PS4 that interests me.

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