Question regarding the power boost via removal of Kinect.

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I'm interested in a One and debating on which model to get. I'd like to know more about this 10% power boost by not utilizing Kinect. Does this mean for those that get the kinectless models only.. or can you just remove the kinect and still play the original model with the power boost boost? Perhaps you can leave the kinect plugged in at all times and this new development kit disables it during playback of games is what I'm thinking but thought I'd as to be sure.


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It doesn't matter if you have the Kinect plugged in or not, the 10% extra graphics boost is at the discretion of the developers... If they'd rather use it for the Kinect, it's their choice. But most (I assume) will choose to use the extra HP.

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The "power boost" (doesn't ultimately change the lower end hardware in the machine, but frees up juice for devs that have no Kinect intentions) is up to the developers, not the consumer. You have nothing to worry about when buying Xbone other than what games you want.

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If you want the kinect model get it, I personally have the kinectless model and I do not regret purchasing it.