Question regarding replacing internal harddrive

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Sorry if this has been covered before but I'm on the fence with purchasing an Xbox One. I have a PS4 and like the ability to swap the drive out for specifically a solid state hybrid drive to decrease load times and what have you. From what I'm reading.. you can disasemble the Xbox and actually replace the drive (I'm no stranger to this) but was wondering does it ban your console? If so.. I would have to use an external and would probably go with an enclosure with a solid state drive attached. Is this ideal? I'm looking to increase storage, and most importantly speed at any cost. I already have a spare Seagate hybrid drive so I'm covered there. But before I did that I'm curious if there would theoretically be any difference between this external method and replacing the interal with the same drive? Will speed be the same? I'm funny about this because as a user with a high end PC with full solid states means I'm hesistant about getting the Xbox One and especially if all these multiplats will load up dramatically faster on my machine.


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I am not an expert on the subject but I always thought that a ban was when you did something like mod your system. All you are trying to do is install a hybrid drive. I don't see them having a problem with you doing that because they add that feature for you to add HDD to the system a few months ago. Now about the speed, theoretically there should be an increase in speed because the system won't have to search for the data on each disk on a regular HDD. The only thing to think about is how long is the data link from your system to the hybrid drive, but as long as really long you should the time for the data to get from the HDD to the system should be negligible.

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I like internal drives. I hate things dangling from my machines.

I know Xbone is coming out with a 1TB model this year, and if last gen is any indication, the HDD sizes are going to increase over time for Xbone/PS4.

I won't be opening up my Xbone because it voids the warranty.