Portal Advanced maps

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#1 Posted by BunkaOne (533 posts) -
Hey guys quick question, I have finished Portal, and loved evey minute of it. But now how do I get the play the advanced maps? The save I have retuens to the last part of the last level? I watch the end credits and ha the new 'cake' background after, but then I stoped and quit. Did I stuff up? Or can you only play them after finishing the game everytime? Thanks
#2 Posted by krunkfu2 (4218 posts) -
wait till the games over and than go to new game it will take you to the maps and you press up or down and go to advanced
#3 Posted by BunkaOne (533 posts) -
ok thanks, so that means I have to do the last level eveytime I want to do the advanced maps, that sucks. But if thats the way it is I will have to grin and bare it :)
#4 Posted by mastershakez (3260 posts) -
You don't need to play the last level again, just go to new game.
#5 Posted by BunkaOne (533 posts) -
even better, will give that a go tonight, cheers :)