Polk Audio 4 Shot Headsets for XB1 no later than March 7th

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I asked Polk Audio about the release date for their Xbox One Headsets (named the 4 shot). They replied back to me on Facebook that they will release no later than March 7th.

Here is a link to their product page


I like the idea that you can use these for your ipod as well as your console. And I like the fact that the microphone pushed back into the headset when you are not using it

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The Polk 4shot headsets have peaked my interest.

Having previously always used Turtle Beach headsets (mainly because of the great microphone & Monitor feature) I gotta say the 4shot units sound quite nice.

Curious ablut the Price though and the Microphone sensitivity as I usually play late at night when everyone asleep and so need to speak very quietly, Tritton and Skull Candy fail miserably in this area.