Please do not buy an Xbox One for Xbox Fitness!

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I bought it after hearing it has P90X and Insanity on it and I do Insanity every day and thought it would be a lot more fun with Kinect giving me direct feedback. Every website and every bit of advertising clearly shows Insanity and P90X as main features of Xbox Fitness and what I don't understand is every news or gaming site says you can do these workout programs too.

This is not the case and I've wasted £430 on the fucking thing!

So you get 2 P90X and 1 Insanity workout sessions, if you thought you were getting the complete thing or even just the ability to purchase the complete thing to use with Kinect then you're out of luck. The only option is to buy the DVD which in itself shows they've never planned to bring it all to Xbox Fitness as if you buy the DVD then if it did come over, you'd have to buy the digital stuff all over again to work with Kinect......

Xbox Fitness is nothing more than marketing for P90X and Insanity.

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Relax! This is just a preview. The real xbox one fitness app drops in December/January, and you will have to pay for the p90x stuff.

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P90X and Insanity are like $140 a piece. You seriously thought you were going to get them for free? I was kind of surprised ANY of the workouts were free.

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Microsoft announced Insanity and P90X to be free for Xbox Gold members, and there will be an subscription fee for Xbox Fitness too. Also, the price could be lower because it divides by a far higher number of users.

So I can imagine that the users are already paying enough money to make it possible.

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It was well known that this was a demo. I believe the only person that's offering full workouts at the moment is Jillian Micheals which is why you have to pay for all of hers.

Your first mistake would be your title... Buying an xbox one for fitness. BIIIGGGG NO-NO

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lol you bought a gaming console SOLELY to use a work out tool. There's your first mistake...

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@k2theswiss said:

lol you bought a gaming console SOLELY to use a work out tool. There's your first mistake...

No..he bought it for a free DEMO that he thought he could use for a workout tool. BWAHAHAHA

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grand Just Dance 2014. More of a workout then any game, but hidden under fun and pretty graphics and signing!!