Play Xbox One day one games on a basix Xbox one?

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#1 Posted by Nikita91 (6 posts) -

Hey, just orded a basic Xbox one and the game Ryse: Son of Rome day one edition and i would like to hear with the community if i'm able to play the exlusive day one content of this day one version of the game? HAve some exclusive contents compared to the basic Ryse: Son of Rome

Or do i have to order Xbox one: Day one version to be able to play this game?

#2 Posted by Garfield360UK (19840 posts) -

As far as I know it will work on any Xbox One. I think you will get a code in the box for the DLC for the Day One Edition (think of it as pre-order bonus content or dlc codes you get with the game). The day one Xbox One is no different bar the controller having the writing on and a achievement for buying day one (which is done via code). The actual hardware is no different.

I hope this helps.

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It will work on any Xbox One... The day one version xbox is no different hardware or software wise compared to the regular one. any [xbox one] game you put in it will work.

#4 Posted by BattleSpectre (6392 posts) -

As long as the copy is new and not used (someone may have used the code) you'll be fine.