Play and charge kit never goes green. Battery hot to touch

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Is this normal?

I just got a brand new battery and charged it over night, the charge light on the play and charge kit never goes green and stays on red, but the battery says it is full.

Also, the battery was very hot to the touch.

Should I be worried? Thanks

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Is it a Official Microsoft play and charge kit or one of those chinese knock offs you buy on ebay? Because im guilty of buying one of those (Since it was only $6.40) and the same problem happened to me.

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nah, it's all offical stuff.

I'm thinking it might be the cable? but then, the controller works when just plugged into that.

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Well exactly how long did you leave it to charge ?

On an empty Battery mine takes 6 hours to charge.

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Sounds busted, exchange it for a new one. No dramas.