Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warefare - Is it worth a Purchase? First Impressions

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Plant Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare for the XBOX ONE & XBOX360 is fun for all ages and Is the type of game you should give your kid as their first shooter. With a very cartoonish look it makes the action look not overly violent like other First Person Shooters/Third Person Shooters. In my opinion this game is fun for all ages, but if you have a young kid in your home then this is a must have, as there isn't many kid friendly games on the XBOX ONE yet.

Running on the Frostbite 3 Engine which is the same as Battlefield 4, gives this game an amazing look, very pleasing to the eyes. The game runs at a 60fps so the movement is very smooth. The maps are very big and they should be because they can have up to 24 players in multiplayer, but the lack of a map can get disorientating at times.

Should you buy? For me its a buy, I'm kinda burnt out on all the generic 3rdFPS/FPS from the past few years, so playing PvZ Garden Warfare is very refreshing even at my age of 26. Congrats PopCap, your first ambitious console game is a sucess, reviews are coming in. And they are decent scores 7-8.5/10

Currently the game is exclusive to the XBOX ONE & XBOX360 but most likely its a timed exclusive, and will arrive on the PlayStation3/4 sometime this year and the PC version will be released in June.

My Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Quick Look -

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@meankilleR: You make it sound like you own shares into to company that made the game.

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I canceled my Thief pre oreder and picked this up instead and ive been pleased with it. The servers were a mess for awhile yesterday but since last night i have had no problems and have been enjoying it.

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@brimmul777: Why, because he clearly and concisely conveys his thoughts on the game... Jeez anyone who says anything good about a game these days is either paid off or working for the developer.

On topic: Thanks for this as I was wondering what the user reception was like on this game. I may get it now.

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I didn't think I would be interested in this but after seeing the video, I want it.

Anyone have have any feedback on it?

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Playing this game is very refreshing from the playing some of the status quo games with over-the-top violence. There is nothing wrong with that but sometimes is is nice to play something just for fun. The available maps seem large with plenty of nooks and crannies to launch your offense or hide on defense. The sticker shop is a nice addition. Anyone who collects any type of cards knows what it is like to rip a pack open and hope for an extremely rare card and that's what is conveyed here. Both the plants and zombies are hilarious and I laugh every time I hear a zombie say "brains." The variety is vast.

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This game is soo much fun that I just can't stop playing it. I haven't played BF4 since PvZ came out, and I bought Thief and I haven't even played that game yet.

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Thanks for all the positive comments everyone. After playing the game some more I have come to the conclusion this is a great games when you want to just lounge around and just have some fun in a non serious setting. I am very happy with my purchase, and home Popcap makes another PVZ Console games, I would love them to have a stab at creating a story campaign mode to more realize the PVZ universe.

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I didn't think i would like it either. Never played the original Plants vs Zombies (Although i'm going to now)...and the idea of turning it into a Shooter seemed silly. What made me change my mind about picking it up from Gamestop was when i asked the guy at the counter whether it was worth it at all. I know him pretty well (seeing as though i'm a regular there. The following is a conversation)

Me: So have you played this *reads title* "Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare?"

Gamestop Employee: Dude, that's all i play.

Me:'s worth getting?

Gamestop Employee: If you're willing to give up your social life, yes. It's addictive.

And i have to agree. The Game is amazing, and very appealing in more ways than just killing junk. I'd recommend.

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At this point of time I'm pretty desperate for games, I'm guessing others might be in a similar situation so yeah it might be worth a buy, looks fun.