Owners of all systems. TV hookup ? for new XB1 owner

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Just ordered a XB1, but i have a PS4, Wii U and my Fios. Currently i'm using my receiver as a bypass for everything. I heard the XB1 can be used as a bypass, so i was going to run my Fios though the XB1 for the TV functions.

So PS4 and WiiU into Reciever and Fios into XB1 then into Receiver was my planning. Is this how the XB1 works? Just curious on your guys' setup trying to find a clean wire connection to hook everything up.

Also, how much heat does it produce, a have a space kinda tight but ventilated, may have to move some major stuff around. Any help would be great. thanks

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Seems like you already got your answer on gamefaqs. In case you missed it do as this guy said: "Run the Fios through the Xbox One and hook the Xbox One up to the receiver".

Also as long as your cabinet has an open rear you should be fine, but I wouldn't personally put my Xbox One in a tight space, period.

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That's the perfect way to set it up. The XB1 does produce some heat, but it doesn't get super hot (from my experience), but most of the ventilation goes through the top of the console, so it's more important to have ample room above the XB1.