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Decided to join GS, more to follow what the industry is doing & see what people are playing. I'm primarily a Microsoft XBOX 360 gamer, haven't bought Sony since PS2 (bought for Gran Tourismo), and the early blu-ray wasn't initially enough to sell me on PS3. I haven't bought many games in quite awhile, but the Call to Duty franchise and earlier editions of Halo have got some hours from me. I just got GTA 5 and am still playing GTA 4.

I'm not buying any next-gen consoles at release. Initial expense with the line-up of software doesn't justify the expense. It'll be interesting to watch the back and forth once the consoles are out.

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You should try out the ps3, it has a large library of great games. You can still hold off on next gen and explore a lot of current gen games. A lot of arcade games should also be tried on Live before going next gen