Open 360 controller?

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#1 Posted by Stealth-Gunner (4166 posts) -

How can you open the 360 controller? It has star (torx) screws but my torx drivers don't work because there is a little thing pointing out in the middle of the screw... Can you even buy those in stores?

If you are wondering why I need to open it, it's to repair it because the thumbstick is loose..

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I had the same problem. They don't have them at RadioShack, Wal-Mart and the Lowe's in my area. But my dad has a bit set that would work but it can't fit into the two lower holes. So I know they are some were.
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You can use a small flat head to take out the screws, thats what I did.
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I think I stripped the screw trying that. Any special way to do it?
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it voids the warranty if you open your controller, i think
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it voids the warranty if you open your controller, i thinkKickinurazz

I'm sure it does, since you have to make a hole in the bar code.

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Alright I got it with a flat head but how long is the warranty anyway? Not longer than a month or so I'm guessing? I fixed it so I'm good for now:)
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buy it online.. i got one online.. like 2$... i got like controller shell and i got one with that for additional 2bucks
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You need to get a Torx-6 "security" (I can't remember if that's the exact name or not) screwdriver. The security version has that dot in the middle. I picked up a set on ebay that included a whole set of drivers for various drivers.