oblivion tears of the savior at the frostfire glade

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#1 Posted by mikester585 (1064 posts) -
hey what do i use to sort the frostfire glade out , what magic or something
#2 Posted by Squeegeeking (123 posts) -
u cant but just stay outta the ice lure the big frost thing (forgot its name) and kill it then run into the ice and jump on the rocks and look for the tears btw im not sure if ur talking about the same mission as i am so sry if u arent lol
#3 Posted by mikester585 (1064 posts) -
anymore help please
#4 Posted by Palatinesknight (151 posts) -
I believe you have to find the tears of the frosen guy there. You cant unthaw him or ne thing if thats what ur talking about.
#5 Posted by dunit13 (1103 posts) -
There will be the Ice Antioch up there take him out with a couple fire spells then you look around the little frozen part and there will be 5 "tears". They look like soul gems and they take forever to find it took me like 30 minutes. Use the wikipedia site to help you out its really good.