Oblivion MODs for Xbox360

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Is there anyway to get an Oblivion MOD from the com,pputer on to your 360. Perhaps through a USB cord. Ther are some sweet MODs for the Oblivion thats to bad if you can't do that. If you cant they should make it to where you can for future games.
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u dont have the ~ button to open up the screen.
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What r u talkiing about
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i assume that the mods are specifically coded for the pc game making them useless for the 360, and unless you actually modded your xbox 360 you wouldnt be able to put stuff like that from your pc to your 360.
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What r u talkiing aboutMitchell_Bigley

~ tilde~

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Ok I get it the ~ button for the console command
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Ahh well that sucks because you can play Oblivion on a really good computer and plug your 360 contoller in it and its like playing on a 360 except you can use the MODS
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i heard they are trying to make it so you can get mods off of xbox live
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You can't use PC mods on the 360 - the coding is totally different.
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There is a 360 INI file believe it or not, which enables performance and visual gains. However it involves editing a backup of your Oblivion disk, and YES it is possible because I have tested it and it works flawless. In fact the INI files are very similiar.