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Just got around to finally getting a 360 and I have a question. I only bought the 360 slim 4GB model for 3 games. NHL13, L4D 1&2. But, there is not enough room for all the DLC for L4D 1&2, my quesiton is can I download all the additional DLC to a thumbdrive and play the few DLC levels from the thumbdrive or will they play slow and choppy of the thumbdrive. Oh, and just one more question to L4D experts, I see that L4D 1&2 each have their own "Sacrifice" level in DLC. Do I need to purchase both, seems like a little bit of a rip off  to purchase the same level twice just to play it with 4 different characters, unless it is different in some other way, thanks all.


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yeah you can use additional hardrives or regular small thumbdrives to install the dlc on them
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You can use sticks to transfer information to you 360 harddrive but at only 4gigs you'd be better off buying a hardrive. WHy did you purchase such a **** model anyway?

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Yes! You can put it on either a thumbdrive or an external hardrive.