No game demos in Xbox one

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#1 Posted by redwin (16 posts) -

Did anyone see a game demo of any game in the Xbox One? I don't think they are offering game demos anymore.

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When I was searching the store for FIFA 14 there was a demo available to download.

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the games are new and expensive, and there arent much of them, you wont find demos now, but later on when new games are released and cool arcade games are released, there will be heaps of demo's for you

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Zoo Tycoon, FIFA, Kinect Sports Rivals, and I believe NBA2k14 all have demos last time I checked.

#5 Posted by donalbane (16150 posts) -

Yeah, and Killer Instinct let's you play the whole game as one player... that's like a super demo. But yeah, I agree the lack of demos and content overall on the store is a big shock considering the abundance of content on Xbox 360.

#6 Posted by SexyPorkins (1201 posts) -

There are demos available. "Xbox, Bing, Demos" and they will pull up.

#7 Posted by ghstbstr (8774 posts) -

I wish that demos were the way it used to be or the way that demos should be. Demos should be released before the game comes out so you can play it to see if you like it and then decide to get the game.

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How were they supposed to release demos before the launch games?

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Bing that shit.

#10 Posted by sukraj (21660 posts) -

I might download the Kinect sports rivals very soon.

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I'll bing demos today. I'll tell you all for sure.

#12 Posted by HilbillyRokstar (3236 posts) -

It's been updated to the games menu.

#13 Posted by mynamesdenvrmax (2191 posts) -

wow...demos are larger than most Xbox 360 games lol.