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so a few days ago my xbox started shutting off randomly, its a xbox 360 slim 250gb. Everything pointed to the power supply, so i ordered a new one, that said it was for the xbox 360 slim.

Now that i got the new one here, im looking at the voltages, and heres what they are

Old power brick output: 120 W / Input: its in Japanese

new power brick Output:: 135w/ input: also in japanese

If its for the xbox 360 slim, why does it have different voltages? should i be worried?

Also, my xbox seems to be running hotter now as well, especially after playing some GTA for about 30 mins

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Well, turns out when i bought this thing, it came with a 120w, but it should have had a 135w. Xbox support was as puzzled as i was haha.

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My thought would be that you'll be fine.If I was you,I would'nt worry.