need help with gamefly free trial

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1. is it really free

2. which one is the free offer because after clicking free trial it says 40% off intead

3. if i start the free trial can i cancel it before it charges me

4. is it worth it for having only 6 days of play (took off the days required to ship)

seriously need help guys

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oh that was freaky, i left the registration page sitting idol and a chat window from gamefly popped up

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idk where u are getting it for free, they are going to charge you the starting charge of 8.95

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bump to read

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on the home page it has a big yellow button that says start free trial today, after that it has three options,1 game out, 2 games out, and free trial 2 games out

what i want to know is if its really free

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NO its now for free, you have to pay the starting out 8.95 out

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look you don't seem to be understanding what i'm saying. I'm asking if the free trial doesn't require any perks or what not. and if you went to the website you would know what i'm saying. there are three options and one of them says 2 games at a time free for 10 days. i want to know if that requires anything other than a credit card to sign up

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yes, it's free, but you HAVE to cancel before the end of your free month or they WILL charge you for the next month. your game has to be returned to them within a few days of your cancellation as well. they will take your credit card info though and bill you for a month of service if you don't just automatically gives you a subscription if you don't call to cancel it on time.
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it's free for a week, then 8.95(i think) for rest of the month.

my advice: stay away from gamefly, i tried it last month, it takes over two weeks to get a game:x

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Your GameFly membership free trial begins as soon as you create your account and it is activated. We do require a valid credit card for all GameFly memberships including free trials. As part of the registration process for a GameFly membership, we perform an authorization against your credit card. This authorization fee is temporary and is necessary to ensure sufficient funds are available if you choose to become a paying member.

Once you place games in My GameQ, the fun begins! We will send the first two available titles right away to allow you to try out our service. It's that easy! When your free trial period is over, your credit card will be automatically billed at the monthly membership rate for our 2-Game Plan, plus any applicable sales tax. If you do not wish to become a paying GameFly member, please cancel prior to the end of your free trial. You may cancel online via the My Accountand select Cancel Membership. If you do choose to cancel, please return any outstanding games within seven days.