need help with final fantasy 11 set up

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i am trying to log into the playonline viewer for the first time and when i click log in it says "unable to logon playonline. the player currently signed into xbox live has not enabled chat and messaging. what do i do now.........please help.
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I cant tell you exactly what that means but I had some message like that and just kept playing around with it and finally got it. I will tell you though that trying to get so I could actually play this game was the hardest downloaing proccess Ive ever had to do. Including signing up for the Playonline, about 10 minutes worth of installation, an hour download, take a survey (not optional), updates, prepare to install the game (about 20 min), and install the game which is around 4 hours. So have some time because after its all said and done, Its around a 6-7 hour process. For me it was around 10 because of a RROD scare. Once you get to start playing though this game is AWESOME. I started playing 2 days ago.
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Log into your xbox live account, then go to Edit Profile, then Privacy settings.