My ideas on how GTA V can be improved further

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First of all, no doubt, GTA V is arguably the best game i have played for the XBOX 360 and it ultimately deserves the 10 score from many reviews. However, i feel that the game could have been improved further in a way that it could be considered the best videogame ever made. Here are my ideas:

1) I feel that the female characters in GTA V have been underutilised. Rockstar should have created a stronger female presence in the game. But instead, we get women who acts like W***** and some annoying characters like Amanda and her daughter. They could have created female gangsters in Franklin's storyline or maybe female characters that issues out tasks to the 3 protagonists in the main storyline.

2) We have famous artists who are featured in the game soundtrack like Rihanna, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, etc. The songs Rockstar chose were great but it would have been better if these artists had created original songs just for the game. It would have really ramped up the blockbuster feel of the game.

3) It was somewhat of a letdown that very few shops and buildings can be accessible in the game. It would be better if we can visit plenty of shops, buildings and even houses. It would provide more incentives to explore every crook and corner of the map.

4) It would be cool if Rockstar obtains the name licensing rights for the cars and motorcycles for the next GTA game so we get to see names like Porsche,Lambhorgini,Mercedes,Bugatti,Ferrari etc.

5) This idea that i am gonna say now is just a personal issue because of my experience in the game. I wish that not every NPC in the game has to be vulgar. Be it grandmas, old men, teenagers, whenever i accidentally bumped into them while running or walking, or via vehicles in traffic, or normal conversations, they will hurl a series of vulgarities at my character. I am sure in real life, this is not the case.

6) Just like in GTA IV, flying a helicopter can be a pain. Flying a plane now is easy and fun, but flying a helicopter is really complicated and i still have trouble clearing the flight school lessons on the helicopter portions.

7) Chop was really under-utilized in the game. You could only bring him for a walk or teach him new tricks. Rockstar could have built missions around Chop like using him in missions to sniff out drugs or sniff out trails and lead the character to the target etc.

These ideas are my opinions and i am sure some may disagree with these. Feel free to discuss/Add in ideas of your own.

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I wish they let you go in the Casino and gamble and play casino games with other characters.

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1.) There should have been more gangsta stuff if you know what I mean. Like gang wars and drug deals.

2.) There should be a revival of the Grove Street Gang story line.

3.) Franklin's storyline was way too impersonal to me. It was completely professional and I found that kind of boring.

3.) The games story as a whole should have been 4x as long

4.) There should have been more meth company related missions with Trevor.

5.) There should have been WAY more bank robberies, like 3 times as many.

6.) There should have been bears in the wilderness

7.) You should be able to do pimp missions, intricate cop missions, ambulance missions, bus missions and firefighter missions

8.) There should have been a few better known voice actors

9.) There should have been drug mule missions on a bicycle

10.) There should have been at least 1 other city that is just as big

11.) You should be able to rob banks in online mode

Those are my suggestions. I excluded any suggestions that I had which were already mentioned aboved (female characters, helicopter physics ext) but this is a great game that could have been even better

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GTA are never going to acquire the rights to big name car brands because big name car brands DO NOT want to be associated with games like GTA. These companies dont need to create brand awareness because they are all bigger than GTA if they want to be affiliated with a computer game its going to be a realistic racing simulator not a game that can hurt their brand.

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This game is my fav for the xbox 360 along with Far Cry 3 GTA V has a ton of stuff to see and do and the graphics for the current gen is amazing how did they produce those graphics on a 8 year old system.

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They need to get that casino opened up for some gambling. Even just simple stuff like slots and videopoker would be a plus. And get the racetrack going; that could have been fun online to buy a horse and upgrade it and then race against others.