My 360 is showing no color...everything works just in black and white

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I need help.  Not sure whats wrong, 2 days ago i brought my 360 to my friends house who just got a new hdtv.  I don't have an hdtv at my house where my 360 is normally hooked up.  Everything worked fine at his house we hooked up the 360 switched to hdtv input from the regular tv input that is on the same cord for the 360.  The problem came about when i returned back home and tryed to hook back up to my regular non hd tv.  When i hooked it up the screen is in black on white , there are no colors.  I tryed multiple games and multiple tvs.  Everything is hooked up right and the switch is on tv not hdtv.  Im not sure whats wrong, only thing i could possibly think is maybe i need a new cable that connects the tv to the xbox , but i dont know why it would stop working all of a sudden.  Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone seen this b4?
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This could be completely wrong and may have nothing to do with it but did you check to see if you changed the resolution back to 480?

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component cables? change two cables
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changed the resolution, its not that one.......hey danneswegman, r u implying u think it might be the cables causing the problem also?
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Put the red white and yellow plugs in.
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anyone have ne other suggestions?
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anyone have ne other suggestions?skyedawg99
sounds like your HDTV switch on the cables is still set to HD, check that
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One of the wires in the back of your 360 is bent maybe, possibly. Try wiggling that around or something
The same thing happened to my playstation and I just moved the wire around in the back of the system and it worked. until I moved it again ofcourse
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check the consoles reolution settings
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thank u everyone for your suggestions....the cable is definetly set to TV and not HDTV, still this black and white issue though....i tried wiggling the wires around it doesnt seem that is working at all.........the red white and yellow wires are def. the ones connected....the resolution is set to 480, i dont even think that matters though unless the tv your playin on is hd, not sure though......................ANY ONE ELSE HAVE AN IDEA??...i mean i called 1 800 4my xbox last night and they gave me the adress and told me send it in to get fixed....of course i feel like this may be something easy to fix though, im going to borrow my friends cables form his 360 tommorrow and see if they work on my 360....if thats not the problem im not sure what is......
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Try unplugging everything, your console and start it back up again, then see.
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i feel u man, i did still the same bs no color i even tryed it on a different tv.
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looks like the only thing u can do is try another set of video cables like you said...if that doesn't work then try taking it back to ur friends HDTV and see if it still works there. If it does work on a HDTV then you must have ur settings configured for a HDTV.
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Check to see if its on Pal or NTSC, and put it the correct one depending where you are. When I try to play Pal games on NTSC it sometimes plays in B/W.
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im not really sure what Pal and NTSC are, can u explain where i would find this and how i would be able to change from one to the other to see if thats the problem
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im not really sure what Pal and NTSC are, can u explain where i would find this and how i would be able to change from one to the other to see if thats the problem
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it also is in black and white on the xbox dashboard not just the games
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LISTEN TO THIS...IT WILL ANSER YOUR QUESTION friend had th esame thing, all u should have to o is turn off the TV and then turn it back on...that is what my friend does.  dont ask questions...because i dont have any other answers just do as i said.

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Ok heres how to fix it :)

1: Your hd cables are plugged into your standard tv (Plug in your SD cables!!!!!)

2: Your HD tv thinks your xbox360 is is a invalid format (Unno what that means)

3: Your tv doesn't like your xbox360 and screams (I WANT PS3!!!!!)

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Try going back to your friends and undoing all you did basically.  Hook up your 360 and change your settings back from his HDTV to what your had at your house.  I dunno maybe that could help if its from his tv.
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uh did u check ur tv settings to make sure the colors are on
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are you using the red, green and blue ports on your tv. bc if i have my tv set to them i get a black and white color. try change your video sorce on your tv. for example i have my tv set to video 1 for my sat, dvd and yes to my xbox 360. but when i go to video 2 i get that black and white pic.

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The thing is i didnt make any changes at my friends, i just plugged in the hdtv wires.....possibly the 360 made changes on its own i dont know.........anyone know what pal and ntsc are, someone earlier was telling me it might be that........any other ideas....
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what color cables do you have plugged in?
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I am using the white yellow and red ports, because my tv is standard definition.......i am also using the standard definition cable hookups form the 360 and the switch is on tv not on hdtv.....
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I am using the white yellow and red ports, because my tv is standard definition.......i am also using the standard definition cable hookups form the 360 and the switch is on tv not on hdtv.....skyedawg99
I am stumped sounds like a bad video cable.
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im thinking its a bad cable too but it just seemed funny that the problem came about right when i tried to hook it up to my tv after we were using it on my friends hdtv and everything worked fine
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has anyone even heard of this happening before when migrating to a standard def. tv from an hdtv?
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Either you Tv is from the year 1963 or Your Putting your Cables wrong.Or your trolling.
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ok well all 3 of those things are wrong.....i borrowed my friends cables today and they are not the problem as both cables give me black and white image.....also i tried on multiple tvs so its not the tv.........trolling? im just trying to get my 360 fixed.................all this is telling me that it must be something inside the xbox and it must have somethin to do with using it on an hdtv the other could the xbox just be stuck in hdtv mode, that what it seems like the problem is.....i mean i looked around at all the settings in the xbox dashboard and it seems ive looked at everything that made any sense and might be the problem, i dunno still stumped though
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Try using a color TV. Juuuuuuuuuust kidding.
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i guess i gotta send this thing to get just pisses me off though cuz that **** is just stuck in hd mode or something! damnitttttttttttttttttt
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I already stated what I thought would fix it but looking at some of your posts, I must ask, If your friend has an X-Box 360 why would you take yours to his house?
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my xbox 360 has the same problem it just happened tonight after i played the game fable 2 and iv tried everything fully unpluging the xbox 360 and repluging it swiched it of at the wall including the tv i dont know what happened i was just playing it wanted to go off so i went to the dashboard to take the disk out and it had no colour
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this happened to me just today. all u need to do is switch your tv settings from component to composite or visa-versa, depending on ur tv. u can do it by going to menu by pressing the button on the remote and going to display or settings, again depending on tv it can vary as to how to do it.
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Whats happening is it thinks it's still outputting to an HDTV

Go to the display menu and mess around, switch settings

Set to lowest resolution, then highest, where applicable let it auto-detect

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I know this is very old, but I just wanted to say, I had this issue today, and I turned off my tv and it fixed it.

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omg thank you so much i had this happen to me lastnight and its bc i had changed the video settings!!! i thought i was gonna have to get a hole new one but its all fixed now. so yes if you have the hd tv go to channel settings than go down to video settings and keep it on auto detection :))))))))))))