Multiple Avatars?

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#1 Posted by thegame1980 (2194 posts) -
Does anyone know if we can create multiple avatars on one profile? I have a family and we all play on the 360 but we don't have individual Gamertags. I would like to create my family and have people see all of us in a group as opposed to just me.
#2 Posted by boombye (6 posts) -
It's one avatar per gamertag, and I mean you can set it to save different outfits and you can even go back and change everything about your avatar, you are only allowed one, because it shows your avatar on the friend's list, and the only time you'll see more one avatar grouped together on the friend's list is when they are in a party.
#3 Posted by Avenger1324 (16344 posts) -

You can save outfits, and those appear on a saved list if you delete your avatar to start from scratch, but unfortunately you can't save sets of appearance settings for the avatar itself.