Midnight club la glitch

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#1 Posted by alexrulez901 (23 posts) -
I was innocently driving along one day when i went a teeny bit over the speed limit and got into a police chase. I did all the things you have to do to lose them and they were gone. but "police chase" kept flashing in the corner when they had lost me. Even when I sat there and waited for them to get to me for 10 mins they still didnt appear. Half an hour later i had to wreck my car and they suddenly appeared to arrest me. any one else had this glitch:question:
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Your game must be scratched realy bad.
#3 Posted by alexrulez901 (23 posts) -
no scratches, only got it a few days ago
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Thats one he*l of a glitch than.

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One thing I noticed is when you're racing in the railroads then come out onto a street your car will glitch underneath the pavement. After I keep driving it will correct itself. I've only completed 7 races, opened up the paint shop and created a race and the game is fun but that one glitch=]
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I have the same problem. But not only that.

My car disaperes also. I can only see the shadow.

I can't get back to the garage, it just says loading and nothing happens.

The police cars and all opponents disaperes, only the normal traffic i visible.

I have reported these problems to Rockstar with screendumps so that they can see for them self.

But i haven't got any responce yet.

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The same thing happened to me. I eventually saw some cops on the map so l went to them and had them chase me. I accidentaly wrecked and got busted. As a thanks, l stopped playing it for a day or 5.