Mass Effect 3 Dissappointment or Success

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#1 Posted by AprilXXV (6 posts) -
Im kinda on the fence about it. i want you guys opinion
#2 Posted by theSteeeeels (520 posts) -
it cant be a dissapointment if you know it was going to suck. after me2 and reading about me3, you quickly know.
#3 Posted by kozzy1234 (35334 posts) -

Its the best of the series, they took the best aspects of each ME and ME2 and made the best game yet and best Bioware game since KOTOR imo.

#4 Posted by mr_blobby213 (727 posts) -
So far I am loving it, and feel all the hate its receiving is completly uncalled for.
#5 Posted by Legendaryscmt (12532 posts) -

The gameplay is pretty good, but god damn is the story depressing. The pacing also feels a little off. I'm probably 8 hours or so in, and I already feel like I should be at the end.

#6 Posted by CTR360 (7376 posts) -
for me mass effect 3 its amazing game the best of the series
#7 Posted by 3KindgomsRandy (15488 posts) -

Very disappointed with it so far. The series has steadily given up great story telling in favor of marginally better gameplay, and it's not a tradeoff that needed to be made. Granted, I'm only 14 or 15 hours in, so it still has time to turn it around and finish in a dynamite fashion, but the only segment of the game that has measured up for me so far has been the Krogan subplot.

#8 Posted by -Ten- (7493 posts) -

Great game just despressing as hell. Lol Bout 6 Hours in myself