Looking for good 4-player Xbox Live Arcade games

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Has anyone got any good recommendations for 4-player XBL Arcade Games? My nephew has an X360 now and 4 controllers. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

The only other thing is that he doesn't have internet access. So I'm thinking that maybe I would have to bring his hard drive here, create an online profile, buy the games, and then give him his hard drive back? Or would there be a way of downloading them to my Xbox 360 and transfer them, either via CD or system link maybe? I'm guessing that they wouldn't let you transfer though, so is getting his hard drive the way to go?

Edit : Oh yeah and is there any chance of any more free arcade games coming up? I got Carcassone a while ago just by pure luck of catching the news on the forum, but I missed Undertow unfortunately.

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I think you'd have to get his hard drive, because I am almost 100% sure you can't transfer arcade games via cd or system link(or at all I think). And by the way, I missed Carcassone but got Undertow lol.
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good 4 player games: Alien Homonid, Bomberman live, cloning clyde, doom, small arms,

There are a lot of good 2 player games also. My favorite so far is Metal slug... also check out assault heroes...

every arcade game has a free trial, so you should check em out first

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Bomberman is tons of fun.
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grab aegis wing as it is free, regardless of player count, although I believe its 4 player as well...
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small arms
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Cool I'll check those out. Nice pic by the way fenwickhotmail :D
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Bomberman, Uno, Marble Blast Ultra, Band Of bugs, Worms

I play those ones with 2-4 friends (:

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Thanks, I'll look into those. I always terrible at Bomberman, but it is so fun though...and I only just heard about Uno, might have to get into that...

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