Lightning Returns DLC Issues

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Hey guys, so I preordered lightning returns from amazon and got it on release, although I only started playing it just now. I got the 3 samurai costumes with it and redeemed them as well. Afterwards I saw that the marketplace was offering the Cloud, Yuna, & Tomb Raider Costumes so I bought those as well. During the game when I was at the ark, I go to "Rewards Barter Shop" and got all the dlcs from there. now here is the issue, I equip the costumes and I turn completely invisible, none of the DLCs are working. I even downloaded the free japanese voice pack and enabled it but they are still speaking english.

I restarted the game and all the dlcs went back into the rewards barter shop, except the japanese voice pack but thats not working anyway...Anyone else had this issue and solved it?

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Haven't had the issue, but try clearing HD Cache.