Lego Marvel SuperHero's or Call of Duty Ghost?

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I purchased LMS at Gamestop for a good price....minus gift card at around 9 bucks. I learned later that Call of Duty Ghosts was coming out sooner than I had realized. I never opened LMS, so I can return to Gamestop and trade for Call of Duty Ghosts. I know they are two different style of games, but I would like your guys opinion if the trade is worth it. Thanks

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Keep LEGO Marvel, CoD Ghosts is arguably the worst CoD title yet, while Marvel is the best LEGO game.

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Thanks for your reply.....spike6958

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Get the Lego's game.

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It depends on who you ask. If you prefer a multiplayer experience go with CoD, you will have a ton of inter action online for a longer period of time. And if you like a more single player type of experience go with Lego. If you are looking for next gen game play, your best bet is Cod due to the fact that Lego has been delayed for the xbox one and no release date is set as of yet. But Ghosts will be available now if you wanted to pick up a copy to play the second you get your XBO home.