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Unfortunatly the other day i made the dumb mistake of turning my 360 from standing upright to putting it down, while gears was running in it. I heard an awful noise and took the disk out and it has two nice full circles aroudn the edge of the disk, unfortunatly i didnt read in the manual that your not supposed to do that. but im wondering if things could be worse, could that have damaged my system? I have been noticing when I'm playing online for games that my connection is real bad and im lagging a lot, but i think thats a case of my internet connection, but could it possibly be from the incident? If so does microsoft cover that in their warranty?
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Nope you wont get any warranty from moving the 360 on purpose like that. I dont think there will be much permentant damage ive done it before and my 360 isstill fine 7 months later.
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Since you have to remove that "do not move system while disk is spinning sticker to even operate the system, whatever damage you did won't be covered by the warentee
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Don't stand it up right -- that's what caused it.
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What causes the burn is the fact that the X360 has to be leveled, or nearly perfectly leveled when it operates. That means don't move it while it spins a disk, and place it on perfectly horizontal surface and there won't be any more damage done to your console.

It is not only about moving the console,because the positionning alsois important.

I don't know why Microsoft doesn't tell the world about it.

It doesn't matter if it is in a horizontal or vertical position.

I had disk burn problems that made a few of my games unreadable. Only the X360 ones. Why is that? They are thicker than original xbox games or the usual DVD or CD. So when they spin unleveled, or when you suddenly move your console, they are most likely to hit the laser lens. It won't destroy yourprecious gameand lens at all, so don't worry. That my friend, would take a major hit to seriously damage your console. I used some Monster Clean screen cleaner on my 'laser burned' games, and now they look and run as if the 'burn' never happened. It's not permanent!

Most people complaining about how unreliable their X360 were simply doesn't treat them with care! Grow up and take care of your stuff. Mistake happens. I mistreated my console to a certain extent by having it slightly unleveled, I adressed the problem and got over it. No more weird noises! No more sudden changes in the speed of the DVD drive (FUN FACT: mine totally stopped spinning while I was playing NHL07. It couldn't read the DVD, so it stopped spinning. So I was playing NHL07, with a friend, in the comfort of my living room, without that stupid "constantly spinning even when not loading" DVD drive. Imagine the silence!)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you need to move your console (LAN party anyone?), make sure you remove the disk before you do so. A badly placed disk in the DVD drive might damage your console.

The X360 is the most fragile console I ever owned. As fragile as a PS2! Gone are the solid as rock xbox days.

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I'm afraid i'm gonna have to disagree with most of the posts on this thread. i have ALWAYS treated my 360 with the respect a rushed bit of plastic deserves, i NEVER moved my xbox with a disk in the drive, it has ALWAYS been perfectly level (or as level as it can be when lying flat) and it still managed to burn my copy of Assassins Creed.

This would have been bad enough, but it is the second time my 360 has died. First time was a CPU failure, M$ replaced without question, tho i did have to wait a fortnight between sending it away and getting a new one back. This time, i knew wha the problem was. I'd been playing AC for about 6 hours when i heard this noise coming from the 360. i knew instantly what it was, a friend of mine had experienced the same only a few months earlier, around the same time my first 360 died. i took AC out and lo and behold - laser burn. the damn console had never moved!! how is that possible, to all-of-a-sudden start burning disks?

when my friend's 360 broke he simply took it back to Game and they replaced there and then. M$ wouldn't do anything about the 3 games that his 360 had damaged, denying any fault on their part, that 360's are extensively tested and laser burn is not an issue, unless you move the console during use - LYING BASTARDS! I, however, ordered my 360 via and they weren't likely to do anything now were they? So i was facing the prospect of sending my 360 away to M$ and waiting another 2 weeks for a replacement (if they even admitted there was a problem) and having to buy a new copy of AC without hope of compensation from M$.

Fortunately, i have a friend who works in a certain chain store who offered, very kindly, to swap the console and game for me with ones at his wor. Now i have a brand new 360 (with HDMI port) and a fully working copy of AC again. thanks mate.

When will M$ admit there is a problem with 360's laser burning disks? its obviously not just a result of stupidly moving the console when running.

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Actually, the reality is, Microsoft is pretty much the world's biggest underhanded-tactical corperation in the world involve space-age computer technology.

The fact is, they're counting on you to be stupid and not find out about it. There are people who just replace the games without asking a single question why their games are being burned with a white ring like it answered a certain phonecall.

This is something of a marketing ploy, since people these days don't even know what the hell a mouse is. Yes, it's actually true, given that I had difficulty understanding why people don't know what a computer mouse is. Somehow, school always teach you things, when you tell a person to "touch the mouse" and they start screaming hysterically about "WHAT MOUSE?!" Anyhow, I digress. The thing is, I have a pal who takes apart 360's to see what the hell's wrong with them, practically reverse-engineering the whole thing to understand the flaws in it, and the biggest flaw is that the laser lens is not covered or secured at all. What he told me is that Microsoft can easily make the lens stable, therefore, if you move it anyhow you want, it would not be burn, and he demonstrated it on his 360, whom he modified the lens to be perfectly stable, which means in his earthquake of a home, he can move his system as much as he wants without having to spend half an hour's worth of elbow grease to repair a disc.

Frankly, MS just wants your money. Ever wondered why you manage to download 350-something kb/s from a site like Megaupload on a DSL connection, and somehow only download 120kb/s from Microsoft? Microsoft, the biggest computer company in the world, is cheap on bandwidth, imagine the irony.

The fact is, the whole thing is a lie. They CAN improve their own bandwidth to provide downloads, they CAN secure a lens in a stable condition. That's one of the reasons Bungie left Microsoft, the underhanded tactics and the inability to provide dedicated support for people who pay Microsoft, such as downloading a Halo 2 map-pack at 350kb/s. Many people complained to Bungie that their games are effin' up on them during gameplay, and Bungie turned into a scapegoat for a bunch of retarded irresponsible idiots who tugged the system with their wired 360 controllers. Imagine Bungie's staff reaction, when they stated that they loved the fans for making them "kick ass", and when they hear this, they're the ones who aren't "kicking ass" for something out of their control.

Simply, don't move your 360 around, and don't yank a controller or anything, and don't take the 360 apart. Microsoft wants you to pay them money for a new 360 when they can legally claim that it's your error, and pay for new game discs. They know, once you get a 360, the amazing graphics, digital sound, and wonderful games on it are irresistible and becomes part of your life, you wouldn't live without one, and it'll be as important as FOOD. Simply, don't play into cheap Bill Gate's hand, he just wants more money (as if 2000 dollars a second isn't alot of money, we slave for 2000 bucks).

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yea this jus happened to me. my xbox was standing up on the floor but i didnt want it to get knocked over so i very gently put it on its side. I then took out my COD4 disk and it had all these scratches on it. now single player wont work on it but live is still all good. But then 2 days after then COD4 incident happened, i was playing another game on my 360. I had my disk in, when i tried to turn on the 360 and it got to the microsoft symbol then stopped. So i tried with the disk drive open so i could go to the dashboard then i pushed play, screen went black, and wouldnt work. So i took out disk and find a giant laser burn around the edge of my disk. This game was fine and it was not COD4 again so i dont know what would have triggered the i cant play that game, and am afraid that will happen to all my disks. Should i change my 360 or should i just get a new game?

Can sum1 plz help!>?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?


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i can't believe you moved you 360 while it was running, what makes someone playing a game just all of the sudden go hey i think my xbox would look better on its side i think i will move it right now, just doesn't make sense to me
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i can't believe you moved you 360 while it was running, what makes someone playing a game just all of the sudden go hey i think my xbox would look better on its side i think i will move it right now, just doesn't make sense to me
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Hi all im new to this please be patient with me, bought xbox 360 last week for hubbys 50th ,he played on it sat ,sun and mon it laser burnt gears of war 1 our daughter returned game to shop where she was told it was because console had been used in vertical position, we had never heard of laser burn .We were told we must have moved it while machine was running we had not the shop would not replace game , i am annoyed because we used it as it should be used, done nothing to cause this yet we are being blamed we have had allsorts of excuses from shop as to why they wont do anything i have contacted trading standards i cant say as i am confident they can do anything it is so frustrating

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While I understand that the consoule needs to be treated with respect, I find it suspicious that both my sons 360's started the problem at simular ages. At about 1 1/2 years of use BOTH consoules started the same ring burn issue. The 1st one we paid to have replaced because it was out of the one year warrenty. Now the second one which is newer is doing the same thing. I'm especially pissed now that I have looked on the internet and found it a common problem. A friend had the same issue but used the 360 until the red rings appeared and had it replaced for free. Has anyone ever had any luck with Microsoft in reguards to this issue?
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hey does dat monster cleaner really work kuz i went through bascily the same thing and now des a big scracht on my game nd nutten works not rubbing ac. nutten
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codmw2 wont work on my new elite console, 3 diff cod games all crash at the exact same moment on campaign mode, my game still works on other 360's wtf man!!
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I know you're new jdub but you are resurrecting a 2 year old thread, asking for something unrelated to this topic, this would be the right place to post your problem;title

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i just got my xbox replaced and with in 2 weeks its gone again it burn MW2 and dragon age and then it came up with 3 red ring and now it does not turn on. Help will Ms replace my dice or will i have to but new ones. I never move my xbox for it place.