Just say "Xbox One" ....

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...and this will bring you to the Oneguide.....no need to say "Xbox Oneguide" as the commands list states.

Just a small thing I just discovered by accident.

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thank you so much. now i need to find something to do with the extra .3sec of time i save every time i bring up the xbox oneguide

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Haha, it's not a question of saving time, it's just cool that by saying the console's name you get there, and it will prevent you from saying that second word everytime.

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the same as pushing the white button, cool maybe that's his presentation card hehehe

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@doubalfa: The white button does not bring you to the oneguide, it just brings you home.

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xbox on xbox off

wax on wax off

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The previous post appears to be a scam guys, don't be fooled.

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@Alucard_Prime: No scam here, Iam real, and this is real. just check it out for your self.

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Also they are giving away two free guides. Two very insightful guides that you can use to gain the upper hand on your friends when you are playing video games. you can't beat that. www.bestxboxoneguide.com

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^ stfu robot.

topic: good stuff, Alucard. can't wait till Christmas

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@vl4d_l3nin: You stfu v14d. This is a human being you talking too, not a robot.