Is there a way to use tethered internet on Xbox One?

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I'm home for a few weeks and my dad has satellite internet which doesn't really work for Call of Duty. I can create a mobile hotspot with my iPhone 5 through AT&T which works for my Macbook, but my Xbox One refuses to connect to it. I go through the setup, type in the password and it'll test the connection and fail and tell me to 'turn off the router' for 30 seconds and stuff like that.

Is it not possible to connect this way? I'm pretty sure I was able to do it with my 360..

Okay I got it figured out, it wasn't liking it since the hotspot had an apostrophe in it (Jonathan's iPhone). Removed that and it connects fine. Played a few Ghosts matches and it was nice and smooth (over LTE). Tried with my dad's satellite internet and it was unplayable, haha. Now I just have to wait until my data usage updates to try to estimate how much data it's using.