Is the Saint's Row 2 DLC worth getting?

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#1 Posted by codezer0 (15898 posts) -
So I noticed that Saint's Row 2 has its first DLC now, but my question is... is it worth getting? My primary interest with SR2 has been and ends with the campaign/story. It was the campaign and the fun that I had with the game that then compelled me to go from rental to buying the Collector's Edition copy. :o
#2 Posted by Darkslayer16 (3611 posts) -

Not really... you can beat it in under an hour and it's $10.

#3 Posted by patzcool (319 posts) -

'NO WAY that DLC was not worth it at all i finished the 3 missions EASILY and you get a few new vehicles the multiplayer sucks so maps are no good unless you actually like the multiplayer, I love Saints Row 2 i just wish they would've added more to it

#4 Posted by djrobst (2404 posts) -
10 hours or so extra campain would of been nice. they should of paid attention to what gta done
#5 Posted by Eddie5vs1 (6085 posts) -
IMO, no. It's $10 and adds less than an hour of missions. WHen the achievement first came up I thought cool......then I realized that was the end of the DLC and I was then angry. It adds 3 vehicles I think, one of which I liked, but it wasn't worth $10. What else annoys me about the DLC is that you download it, friend who don't have it can no longer play with you. I got it because a friend downloaded the DLC, and we play together all the time.