Is my 360 Slim toast?

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So two weeks after the one year warranty has finished (of course), my 360 Slim no longer turns on. I've read that usually it will still give off the chime sound when the power button is pushed, but mine doesn't. Nothing whatsoever happens when you push the power button, eject disk button, or try to turn it on with the controller.

Turned it off with no problems 3 days ago, and it sat untouched until yesterday when it received no response from anything. Tried everything again today and no change. The light on the power supply reads orange and doesn't change when you try the above mentioned things. I've tried different plugs in various rooms, taken the hard drive out and tried to turn it on, checked USB inputs for damage etc, everything it says online to try.

I've always treated it well, it's in a well-ventilated, not too dusty area. Same for the power brick. Zero issues whatsoever since I bought it except for that it seems to have committed suicide while powered off during the past few days?

Any help whatsoever would be amazing. If anyone else has heard of this happening what was done in that situation? Is mine dead? Worth it to find a different power supply?


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If you have any friends with an Xbox 360 perhaps try using their power supply and try it on your machine. However, if this does not work I would recommend going to and using the help option on there. There is usually a step by step guide to checking faults with the system and if there is no way to solve it then you could get your system sent in for repair (I am unsure whether this would be free or whether you would be charged given your warrantee has expired). Good luck and let us know what happens if you try with your friends power supply.

(Also I would like to advise not to try messing around with the actual unit or your power supply as this could potentially cause serious damage to the system or yourself/others).

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Mine did the same from what you described. Was a power supply issue, mine thankfully was under warranty. I had turned it on to take out a disc, shut it right off, than an hour later went to play and it would not power on. Had no issues leading up to it.

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It just may be toast.