Is Microsoft promoting the Xbox One well enough?

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Poll: Is Microsoft promoting the Xbox One well enough? (23 votes)

Yes - I see advertisements/promotions all the time 39%
No - I've seen few, if any, promotions 48%
Undecided - We'll see come November 13%

Is it me or is Microsoft dropping the ball when it comes to promoting their next gen console?

We all know the company spares no cost in research and development (controller redesign costs, etc.) and infrastructure (cloud servers, etc.), but all that may go down the drain because consumers are being slowly but surely won over by Sony's entertaining PS4 commercials. Does MS not have any more money in their budget for advertising? I, for one, cannot recall an Xbox One advertisement and it makes me think: Had I not had an Xbox 360, would I be leaning on the side of Sony? I do not see Microsoft trying to win over new consumers or convince people to fork over the extra $100!

Whether or not Sony's advertising campaign is successful remains to be seen, but at least they're trying. What do YOU think? (UncleSam.jpg)

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Yeah, I haven't been seeing too many ads for the XB1 (on the other hand, those PS4 Taco Bell commercials are all over TV). I'm really looking forward to the XB1 and have it preordered for launch day, but MS needs to do a better job of promoting the system and continue to put out the fires resulting from pre-E3.

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"If it was more real, it would be." Yeah... There's not an intelligent word in that.

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I think their marketing has been fine.

I prefer their approach to the obnoxious ads I keep seeing for the PS4 all over the place.

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As a soon to be BBA in Marketing I have found it extremely weird that MS is doing such little advertising on tv for the XBOX One. I have yet to see a commercial or advertisement outside my 360's dashboard. I have no negative views of MS but you would think after all that outrage they would do a little more advertising then having Major Nelson post infographics on twitter and his blog. Im actually kind of disappointed bc it would be so easy to do this marketing campaign. Maybe I should apply to their marketing department lol

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@Blueresident87: I think PS4's ads are entertaining and they probably "speak" to the casual gamer, a class of gamers Xbox One needs to secure and grow.

@zpear: I guess MS is doing a lot of in-store advertising, but I would imagine they would start ramping up their TV ads sometime soon.

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yes its doing fine young man

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I was watching some race from Australia last night on tv and the whole track had Xbox One Logos all over it at the corners and billboards everywhere. A couple of the cars that they kept focusing on were Xbox One sponsored I felt like I was watching a running Xbox One advert lol.

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I personally haven't seen one Xbox One advertisement on TV while I seen that damn PS4 musical tons of times. Seems very odd to me considering they have the resources. No commercials for Ryse or Forza or DR3 or other big exclusive launch games.

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@immortality20 said:

I personally haven't seen one Xbox One advertisement on TV while I seen that damn PS4 musical tons of times. Seems very odd to me considering they have the resources. No commercials for Ryse or Forza or DR3 or other big exclusive launch games.

I prefer it this way.

I don't like the 'in your face' kind of stuff, and all these commercials that show maybe a second of actual gameplay...

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Welp, here we go!

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Preorders are sold out, so why waste money advertising something people can't buy readily? If you want it, you don't need a TV ad to know about. You know about it from here or CES or IGN or articles the few remaining gaming magazines.

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@andfx8 said:

Welp, here we go!


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I haven't seen any Xbox1 commercials, but they can't be any worse than the PS4 commercials. They don't show any games in them just some some high production special effects. When you make a new system, you show off how good your games are not that a special effects show.

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Well there first commercial seems to be a big hit.

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It's good enough for people who can think on their own. the problem is that there are a lot of people who can't see past the spoon fed articles and public demonstrations. For a full on commercial, the new one that was just released was very nice and we'll done. The are really going to push from now on and through the holidays. Can't wait! 28 days to go.

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Xbox is doing just fine guys, dont worry, the only reason playstation is more popular atm is because they are trying to smite xbox one. We are doing fine, we have WAY better exclusives, and WAY better features! (this is my opinion)