Is 500GB really enough?

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Don't get me wrong I was gonna get one next week.

But then I thought is 500Gigs really enough?

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I don't think that 500GB is enough, especially when the games takes alot of GB's to install just to play.

I posted something like this on the PS board.

I like to have about 3 games at a time downloaded on the hdd at any given time that I am playing. Since every game alot of space then yes a 500GB hdd is not enough space.

Microsoft should have put a 1TB hdd in the Xbox One, but no instead be cheap now and in the next year or so sell an Xbox One with a either 750GB or 1TB hdd for more money.

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I'm sure they will activate the use of external USB HDD before too long. Just hope they don't do something stupid and make it proprietary.

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It's not enough for me but it's twice what I had on my 360. Hope they allow expanded storage options cuz... I think I'm going to need them!

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Yes but on 360 .....hardly any games had mandatory installs..........and these mandatory installs are like 25-50GB !!!! Most of the stuff on xbox was hogged up by DLC for me and arcade games. I am already thinking about deleting

I complained from day one about 500 GB and everyone said I was crazy. Kept telling me games would only be 7-8 GB and that installs would not be mandatory. I told them they were crazy!!

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considering the size of the installs in the new gen these 500gb hard drives are comparatively smaller. last gen we considered 5-10gb installs pretty big and that was working with 250gb hard drives…and then only some games were mandatory installs while others were optional. but now were looking at 30-50gb installs that are mandatory for every game we buy. all this and weve only doubled hdd space.

if you like having a large library of games then 500gb isnt gonna last you long but if you trade games in and buy new ones you should be fine for a while as long as you delete the games you get rid of

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It works out to about a dozen games installed at a given time. I don't see why you'd need that many games installed. It's plenty, you'll just need to do a little storage management every now and then.

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500 Gigs is not enough, especially since we are getting into the digital age on consoles now. Those installs are massive.

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Given that most games on the next gen, or current gen systems now can take up to even 60 gig each! I'd say 500 gig will get you through about 30-35 games If you're lucky. You be the judge boss.

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Guess if you run out of space, you'll just have to uninstall a game or two.

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It is no way enough. I have been preaching this sh*t for months. I might wait for a 1TB hdd before getting the new bawx.

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The upside is that you can easily uninstall and reinstall and it seems to install the games much faster than the original xbox. Plus, you can start playing the game after it gets to a certain % of dl...none of this could be done before. i still think it's a pain though.

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No way jose, it's not enough. When one games requires around 30-40GB for one game, it's nowhere near enough

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I only play a few games at a time and when I'm done playing a game i'll just delete it off my hardrive.

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Yeah, it's fine, because you can always uninstall games your not playing ATM then re-install them later.

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I have 4 games and already used up 100GB including updates.

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its dumb that microsoft chose to make the hdd unreplaceable. xboners are gonna have to use usb hdd to expand their storage capacity. +1 for ps4

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@zombieweekend: I agree with you 100%!

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@zombieweekend: well for one you'll get DLC, and maybe stuff that you buy. Why would you buy content that you'll just delete later?

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At first I thought it was enough and I still think it's plenty for what I do with my console. But now I'm starting to have doubts thanks to you lot.

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@commandokock said:

its dumb that Microsoft chose to make the hdd unreplaceable. xboners are gonna have to use usb hdd to expand their storage capacity. +1 for ps4

Yeah have to agree.

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the hard drive space sucks for xbox one because the installs take FOREVER. On ps4 the installs are 1 minute long more or less. So if you have to delete a game on the ps4 it's not that big of deal if you want to play again since installing is so damn quick. On the xbox one though I already know I'm going to hate uninstalling something I may want to play again >_<

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One quick question though. Since there is no generalized "storage" area to go to and see my game saves as seperate from the game install............if I delete a game and reinstall it will I still have my save data for that game? and all the other stuff like settings saves.....etc.?

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@Evdne971 said:

Don't get me wrong I was gonna get one next week.

But then I thought is 500Gigs really enough?

Really, at this point in the consoles life 500Gbs seems alright as I imagine most people aren't going to be buying every available game and unless these games are somehow bigger than most AAA, graphically epic PC titles then it should be fine.

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To me, it seems to be enough because I have 60GB hard drive for my Xbox 360. (the original one)

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500gb is no where near enough space with how large the games are now. As time goes on the installations will only get larger and will show just how small 500gb is these days.

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It´s not,considering you have to install the actual games to the disk,people are gonna run out of space really fast.

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it's far too small, and will probably be changed down the road.

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@mesomorphin: wow you math is way off. 60gb x 35 games =2.1TB. if each games was 60gb, you could only fit 8.3 games. i can even imagin what the next gen consoles will be. it will defiantly be a 3 TB SSD for sure.

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@commandokock said:

its dumb that microsoft chose to make the hdd unreplaceable. xboners are gonna have to use usb hdd to expand their storage capacity. +1 for ps4

There are pros and cons to making the HDD replaceable instead of allowing external storage.


- Doesn't take up any more space.


- Data would have to be transferred over. (can take hours depending on how much data the drive contains)

- You're replacing storage, not adding onto it. (for example, when you use an external HDD on XB1, you are adding to the overall storage capacity. So if you purchase a 1TB HDD, you end up with 1.5 TB of storage instead of just 1TB of storage if you replace it)

However, this doesn't mean that the PS4 will never allow external storage in the future; allowing both replaceable storage and external storage would be the best option.