I'm torn between two games!

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I'm having a tough time deciding on either getting G.R.A.W. or Rainbow Six Las Vegas.  Co-op is important to me so which one is better?  Which one has better single player?  Can I even go wrong with either of them? 

Looking for some help so thanks in advace!

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If you decide on GRAW.....wait for GRAW 2.
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You should get Rainbow Six Vegas because, well, it's better than G.R.A.W. If you do decide on G.R.A.W though, like the person above me said, wait for G.R.A.W 2.
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rainbow six
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I have GRAW and R6V... i never did beat GRAWs single player, but R6V story is fun as hell and it can be played coop which is sick.  Go for vegas, its much better then graw
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Yeah, I was kind of leaning towards Rainbow Six anyways.
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Dunno bout GRAW, but Vegas's co-op aint all that. I mean you have no mission briefing, no radio advise, and for some reason, you could go straight to the last level if you wanted to :?. But the single player rocks
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Even though i have G.R.A.W, i haven't actually played it (too many other games to play). I have played a bit of Rainbow Six Vegas and i have to say, so far, its an excellent game. I can't wait to get further into the game and get hooked onto it.
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rainbow six vegas is way better imo
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Is Vegas four player, slit screen coop?
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I didnt want to like Vegas, but It was suprisingly good... Im playing it right now and its fun. GRAW I own and I think that vegas is better.
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Vegas is 4 player split screen co-op I believe. That game is just awesome. Don't waste your time with GRAW. Either Vegas or wait for GRAW2, but don't expect much in terms of new stuff.
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Definately Vegas.
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I would advise getting Rainbow Six Vegas, great co-op and online game