I want to play Mech Assault, have no X box

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I got a game from someone. It's mech assault. I only have a 360. It doesn't make sense to buy original xbox just for 1 or 2 games. Should I do it? The X box OG takes up a lot of space for just 1 or 2 games.

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Yeah why not, there not exoensive on ebay and you can put it away when your finished.

I still own every console ive ever bought.

There kept in storage unless i want to play one.

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Thanks. I was wondering what the hell I was gonna do with an Xbox Original when there is nothing I want to play on it other than Mech Assault except maybe Halo. I mean I was hoping I could play it on 360 even though that's not possible, or I was hoping there was a mini xbox since it's so big. I have a retro set up but space is limited for more consoles, especially a big one.

So I like your idea. I'm gonna be getting some storage space then. I might get other older consoles as well if I see a good deal. And I guess when I'm not using them I'll put them away. Of course for the ones I play a lot, I keep them out.