I must be the only one who likes the Xbox One...

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I'm constantly told how it is shit and how the PS4 is better, yet the Xbox One has games and the PS4 has nothing until Infamous. I think Kinect is great, I cannot wait for it to be used more, I love using Xbox fitness with it, I think Rivals pre season controls really well and could be fun when drunk with mates. It has Killer Instinct for fighting fans, Dead rising 3 for action adventure fans, Titanfall for online FPS fans, Forza 5 for racing fans and even has Kinect sports and Zoo Tycoon and other stuff for kids. My G/F and I use Xbox Fitness, now they're getting more Insanity workouts it has become good on its promise and I retract what I said at the start when it only had one workout.

I put the cloth under the TV so I can slide it right close to the wheel.

I think it looks beautiful, personally I like it better than the PS4...

I think Forza 5 has the best sim style handling of any sim racer out there on consoles, yes I have GT6 on my PS3 and it comes nowhere near as close as Forza 5. I race a lot of sim racers on PC, Assetto Corsa, iracing and stuff like that, while it isn't quite there yet, it is VERY close and worthy of being called a sim style racing game. Just annoying you have to buy a new wheel but I sold my T500 and got the TX which is basically the same thing if you have custom pedals.

I think the UI is coming along nicely, I like the Kinect stuff of navigating, I just wish'd there was more of it, like not being able to navigate a DVD is annoying. Yes it lacks content right now, it is a big gripe, but that is natural for a new platform, though I kinda wish'd they could have carried stuff over from the 360, it isn't the same architecture, so...

I like the controller, I like trigger rumble, I like the new feel with no screws, I like the new analogue sticks, it looks so premium, I like how it'll be a standard PC controller like the 360. I even like the removable battery feature, it means I can put new ones in and not have to charge it. Also though my PS3 controller didn't hold it's charge after a few years, I had to buy a new one, with the Xbox One, I can just buy new batteries or get a new play and charge kit.

In fact my only real gripe with the system is having to pay for Xbox Live for simply functionality like using Netflix, which should be free as it is everywhere else. I also hope external storage will bring increased bitrates to the GameDVR as it'll take the bandwidth away from the internal HDD.

The Box it comes in is great as well, it feels very premium and well packed, the PS4 box feels very cheap and light and makes it feel more of a toy. I'm going to buy a PS4, I own all consoles but it, I just want games for it first...

It is a great console and I'm sick of the constant hate.

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I honestly thought the X1 was bigger than that :O a bit smaller than I expected, and that's a good thing

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I like my Xbox One as well. But, not as perfect as X360, but, it has been improved a lot since launch. PS fans has always been trolling with hardware details, but, if you like Xbox games, that's all it matters.

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I like it too, but it needs improvement for sure. The party chat and voice command features are terrible imo.

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I have no problems with it I own both a ps4 and xbox one. I am happy with both of my purchases and will continue to play all of the great exclusives on each console.

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@craigalan23 said:

I have no problems with it I own both a ps4 and xbox one. I am happy with both of my purchases and will continue to play all of the great exclusives on each console.

Yeah I mean that is the attitude I like, I'm just sick of all the Xbox One hate, it seems to be everywhere. Right now the Xbox One is the better deal in terms of games, it also in the UK is cheaper now, considering you get Kinect and a game, where a game on the PS4 beings it up to the same price but you also have to buy a camera extra for £50 as well. There is no reason to hate either console, they're both great value and great platforms for games!

It really annoys me because it is damaging, I just don't want Microsoft to go back on their Kinect plans, it is the potential differentiator, without it being with every console, there is no advantage over the PS4, nothing unique.

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Seems as if the last few weeks Xbox has gain a lot of steam. There are hints about a what is possible with the Xbox, not so much with the ps4.

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I love both consoles. Both consoles are doing great. I chose x1 just because I'm so used to the achievement system, interface and let's be real.. (KILLER INSTINCT and GEARS!). My biggest gripe was with the kinect, I'm buying one without the kinect because I have no use for it. Once I got passed ditching the kinect, i'm stickin with x1.

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PS4 has better graphics but Xbone has a great gaming experience. The Xbone controller by far is better than PS4 controller. Although Xbone will fall short of exclusives which will be the reason that PS4 wins. Not mention that little mandatory updates to play the game insinuates needing the internet to play Xbone. And with hit games like Titanfall only being multiplayer Xbone in reality is a huge scam. It is what it is. Sony cares about the gamers and Microsoft doesn't even pretend to care about the gamers. Xbone = money pit!

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A true gamer doesn't pick sides and plays on both. Take it from me who owns a PS4, Xbox One and a gaming PC, they all have their pro's and cons. I think the Xbox One is a nice machine too, but I would like little things to be fixed like how long install times are (even when done by disc) but I'm sure things will get better with time.

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Though I have always prefered PlayStation over Xbox, and actually own a PS4, I pretty much agree with about everything you said. I think the Xbox One has some very solid games right now especially compared to the PS4. I have always felt Microsoft catterd well to FPS players and have exceeded expectations with there own exsclusive titanfall, even though XONE has only been out a few months! I also prefer the UI of the ONE (seen only from videos), its flat design really looks nice and more modern than the ps4.

PS4 does still hold some advantages over the ONE though. Almost every game released for both consoles has a higher resolution and framrate on the PS4, which can be very apparent, especially for pixel peepers (like me). Even upcoming titles have been confirmed to have higher res and framrates on ps4 (watch dogs for example). Also its cheaper, and the physical footprint of the actually device is a lot smaller, which is a pro considering my limited shelf space (and no power brick!). I also prefer the dual shock 4 (those anologs feel sooo nice), and it seems the One controlled is a downgrade from the previous gen according to some.

Now, with this all being said...I did myself a favor and got me one certain console as well. I got a Xbox 360! Seeing all the current titles out for the "next gen" consoles, I went back and looked at the library of games for the last gen consoles and felt there's is still a lot more value (right now) and many more titles titles to choose from and enjoy. I'm more of a shooter guy, and the 360 still has a solid library, and a very active online community.

Next gen consoles are moving along well, but there still young in there lifespan, and I still feel both consoles have room for improvement, and more games.

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I like it a lot. You aren't the only one.

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It's a great system that will get better in time with more games coming out, and software updates adding features and stability. I'm glad I picked one up.

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It's sold 3 million units so you're not the only one :)

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I am really enjoying the XB1. We do have a love hate relationship as my first XB1 had the disk error thing where it did not read disks properly, but it was real nice and quiet. My second XB1 has the disk error and also has a noise when turning over (but i have not returned it as cannot be bothered yet). I think XB1 suffered from a poor vision before being released and the back tracking was negative media.

As a system when it is working 100% it is really good, I just wish they would sort out their quality assurance on the assembly line, it appears the XB1 has a lot more hardware related issues on launch then the Wii U and the PS4.