how to clean a scratched 360 disc??

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anybody know any good ways to clean a scratched game??

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anybody know any good ways to clean a scratched game??

Get a disc cleaner at Circuit city or Target that could work or maybe you should get a new one.
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know anyways i could do it at home without having to buy anything.
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This happened to me a while ago, i went everywhere, spent a bit of money buying disk-scratch-cleaning equipment, at the end of the day a scratch is a scratch. It can't be cleaned.. Well mine couldn't. I bought everything nothing worked, if you find something let me know, but i don't think you'll be getting 100% outta that game 'til you buy it new.


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use something like a fiber cloth and toothpaste it works for me at least
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Toothpaste and cloth, I hear that brought up alot with scratched disks.
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Toothpaste and cloth, I hear that brought up alot with scratched disks.znator

That did but sometimes it can ruin the game.

Does the game work? Is the scratch that bad that you want it gone?Or you can't play the disc?

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If he could simply just play the disc obviously it wouldn't be a problem.... It's probably skippy or laggy at some parts or just can't even read... Come on now, does the game work? Cause if you answer yes I totally will say then just play it anyway!!! Like he didn't think of that? lmao
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well i tryed my cod4 with toothpast and a cloth and it still wont work all my xbox says is that i need to put it in a xbox it reads it as a dvd any ideas wat i can do?

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Three ways work best: 3toothpaste- put in a circle around the middle of the disc (normal colgate plz) and rub up and down from the inside of disc.let dry for 5 mins and wash it off with water whilst rubbing it in a circular motion. If it doesn't work repeat 2screen cleaning gell- firstly,dab it on where the scratch is and do the rub thing, secondly,cover with finish over gell and do therub thing works first time 1 go to a game store like game or CEX in England or GameStop in America. Get it cleaned by asking. Or you could by a disc cleaner and follow instructions. Works first time Oh and also number one is best and number two is more expensive
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You can clean scratches from Xbox disk easily by using some home remedies. Take clean piece of cloth and clean it properly with water. After that dry the idsk and apply car polish or toothpate over it. I hope your disk working properly after following such simple steps.

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Go to any remaining bluckbuster video store in ur location ..i worked for thema nd they all have professional disk cleaning machines they wouldnt mind spining your disc in it takes only 3 minutes,....