How to check the total time played on a game?

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Is there any way to check exactly how much time you spent playing a game? I see a lot of people on here saying they spent x amount of hours playing a game before they beat it. I was just wondering is there a way to find out or are those people just estimating? I do know that certain games actually telll you the total time spent playing, but I was wondering if there is a way to find out for all games...

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well there is no universal way like you said some games show you though. Actually you can use raptr which will keep track of how long you have played.

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ok thanks... What is raptr??
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This is one of the reasons I actually like the WII. It keeps a log of your time playing any game or doing anything on the system

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90% of the games show you in the "menu screen".
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Raptr is the best thing in the world. Click Here for the site.

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depends on the game, some only give you the times on actual saves, others give you over all total time, others give you no time