How to activate Xbox Live Gold Card

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Ok my Xbox live subscription ended and now I want to add a Gold Live card to it, so I put in a game (COD 4) and then I go to play online and it says that I can't play because my account has been suspended because I have no time left on my Live and I have 2 choices either to update account or w.e it is or to cancel. So I pick update and it goes to the update screen loads for like 2 secs then the game resets and I am back to the games main menu and it does this every time. When I try to do this at the Account Management screen it says I have to be connected to Xbox Live and since I cannot connect to Xbox live because I have no time left on my Live what am I supposed to do or am I missing something, this is my first time doing this.

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Bump I really need to know how to activate my card
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it should be on the back off the card
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okay, first go to the marketplace on the last tab and then go down to redeem code now just type in the 25 digit code that you see on the card in and it will automatically activate
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Ya thats not showing up
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It says to activate my card I need to go to my account management but thanks to Microsofts genius idea of not letting you go into Account Management without being signed into Xbox Live I cannot activate my card.
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i had to call and talk to a supervisor for them to fix it, the first guy i said i needed to pay 25 dollars and its the only way to fix it, so i needed to talk to supervisor, he said not problem to fine for me now