How to accept new terms for xbox360

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I have a season pass for the wolf among us and episode 3 just came out, I tried to download it ingame as I have a season pass however it won't let me download my game as they ask me to accept the new terms and conditions. I've scrolled through the entire document but was never presented with an option to accept the terms. Does anyone else have or had this problem and know how to fix it? This is a bit ridiculous cause I already bought the game and it is effectively forcing me to accept new terms and conditions after an transaction I don't know about you but I think this is a bit wrong of Microsoft. Thanks in advance

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Is your profile a child account? If so that may be why you're experiencing some problems accepting the new T&C. Other than that have you tried accepting the new T&C online at

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@BattleSpectre: Nope, never had a child account. I went to the link you gave me but where is the terms and conditions to accept?

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According to Microsoft you can accept the T&C on your xbox live profile on the system, or through their website. So what I meant was sign into your profile at and if their is indeed some new terms and conditions it should show up for you to accept.