How much does GameStop pay for x360 controllers?

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I have 3 extra wireless controllers I want to sell, and don't want to bother with ebay, how much would I get per controller. One of them is black with rechargeable battery, others are white.
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Like 5$,I guess. Call them?
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id say maybe like 15 bucks at the most, but probally not even that

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about 15-20 , im guessing or less

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Not enough.
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I got $16 for one a few months back. Left thumb stick didn't work properly (felt really sensitive. Character would move on its own in-game). Guy only checked the LB RB LT RT buttons and accepted it. :lol:

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Not enough.C00lface
This could not be any more true.
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don't know if you live in Canada or not, but this website tracks the trade-in values from various stores for games and (for gamestop and ebgames) hardware as well.
they list the 360 controller as getting you $8 for a wired, $10 for a wireless.

tivs . ca (troubles with posting links continues it seems

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i recently traded an extra xbox 360 controller and they gave me 12$ . not bad for something i dont use lol
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I'm about go there today taking few items in that i don't even use and don't feel like dealing with ebay/crags. one item i taking is a wireless controller that i don't even use, They claiming 30% trade in bonus towards few select pre orders to so i see. So i tell you tonight IF you still want to know

most stuff im trading in is stuff been around for months that i havn't touch. Well besides halo reach but microsft sent me a code for games on demand for FREE.

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i took 2 controllers today i got 12 bucks each + 1.20 ea more because i had gamestop pro. SO there you go.

i took quite a bit of old stuff today that didn't feel like dealing with. Got $170 in trade in Then here comes the trade in offers, I got 30% bonus on games for pre ordering rage. Then the guy walked over grabbed a PS2 game and he swiped and i said to him "What you doing?" he went like you get other $10 trade in bonus when you buy a PS2 game. SO that gave me other $10 on top of the 30%. Then i also trade in dsi that i haven't touched in over 5 months. He took 15 off because the outside was all scratched up BUT gamestop had a $20 bonus when you trade in hardware. SO i got extra 5 bucks. Then i spent $15 for the pro card for extra %10. CARD made $17 SO it made me 2 bucks richer lol.

SO ya

%40 trade in bonus plus $15 - $15 for the card - $1 for the PS2 game lol, That i tossed into a donation bin that i passed on the way home. I add it up before i left the house and received about $40 more then i figured i would got. SO ya it was decent pay out for crap that i don't use and didn't feel like dealing with trying get little extra.

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I asked today and its 7$... ripoff.
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over about 25 dollars at least, they will sell them for around $40 each so getting 25 for 3 controllers shouldnt be a problem
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Thanks for bumping with false information