How Long Does it take to beat Bioshock?

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#1 Posted by YoshiFan123 (526 posts) -
Just want to know because I like this game and dont want it to be too short.
#2 Posted by Z-Bombz (273 posts) -

depends on how long you want to play each day....I logged about 22 hrs in the game and it took me about a week to beat

#3 Posted by SentryGunner411 (1047 posts) -

took me a little over a week.

What an amazing game. Worth evey penny. :)

#4 Posted by bazanger (2838 posts) -
took me about 8 hours.
#5 Posted by jwat4 (1934 posts) -
All depending maybe 15-20 hours first time through, if you take your time. Second time around it took me about 8-10 hours.
#6 Posted by ohgod247 (549 posts) -
About 15 years
#7 Posted by Nocturnal15 (1476 posts) -

The general time that many people say (assuming they play it on normal difficulty) comes around to 20 hours. Difficulty also has to come into account. Even if its your first play through im sure if you put it on the easiest you can blast through it inunder 12 hours. However the achievements and the gameplay itselfgive the gamesome replay value. Hell i may get it.

#8 Posted by BladeStick (40 posts) -
took about 7-9 hours on normal got 760 or 780 achievements for it.:P
#9 Posted by Darkzero6x2 (1178 posts) -
i played the first time through on hard and that took me about 15 hours. replay value isnt really all that high.
#10 Posted by msdd9 (2957 posts) -
Took me about 15 hours.
#11 Posted by g-rash (3128 posts) -
If you walk around and explore without just blasting through the story asap and spamming the vita chambers, it'll be around 20 hours. If you have live, download the title update, and turn off the vita chambers in the options menu.
#12 Posted by master-renagade (537 posts) -
how difficult is this game because i have heard from friends who have got it, that it is a difficult game so how easy is the easy difficulty.
#13 Posted by Koralan (154 posts) -
it's easy on easy
#14 Posted by Midnight_Ice (1581 posts) -
About 12 hours
#15 Posted by TheDarKlown (152 posts) -
its a fairly long game and it has great replay value. it took me about 16 hours and that was spread out between school so about 2 weeks.
#16 Posted by magic_dragon (1050 posts) -
Trust me, its well worth it. It lasted me a week as well, and you can replay it at least twice since you get to decide how to harvest the children. GAME does a special offer of £30 now i believe.
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Yeah the first time took me 15+ hours 2nd time was like 8 or so, I beat it real fast just to get the Good ending.. My third playthrough is taking me some time but only because im milking it for all it's worth.. and I haven't played it since before "November to Remember"
#18 Posted by wutevrman (79 posts) -
I don't know. A few days. I played it on normal difficulty and may play it again someday, but like "The Darkness" really didn't see any point in playing it through again on higher difficulty.
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Just want to know because I like this game and dont want it to be too short.YoshiFan123

As mentioned before, the game's difficulty has a lot to do with how much time you can spend playing through the game, but the ammount of time spent exploring the world of Rapture is also something to consider. If you explore every room, every nook and every cranny and play through on at least normal difficulty than it will probably take you around 20 hours. If you play through on easy and only really try to finish the game quickly you could probably complete it in under 8 hours.

#20 Posted by the1stfandb (2397 posts) -
took me 10 hours on normal and 7hrs on hard. Did it on a free weekend. Its pretty short even if u explore alot to find all the tapes. Unless u think it has high replay value which is doesn't rent it for a week and u can get most of the achivments. It is a very EZ game
#21 Posted by III_unknown (144 posts) -

took me 25 hours to finish it first time

860 gamescore from first time and I will play it again after the patch