How long does it take an avatar to update once you change it?

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I've just embarked on the tedious and inconvenient task of creating custom avatars of celebrities/game characters/people I know, etc., but as we all know, MS only seems to want us to have one avatar available at a time (yet for some reason we can save multiple outfits). So anyway, my plan was - and still is - to delete my current avatar, create the custom one, then save it to my PC's hard-drive once its updated, then repeat. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I refresh the "avatar body" URL or sign in and out of Live, nothing seems to change. I'll admit it hasn't even been an hour yet, but does anyone have an idea as to when I can expect to see my new one? Is it perhaps an issue with my computer's cache? Just in case, do you see me (guy with short hair and a goatee) or Faith from Mirror's Edge (if you ignore her clothing)? a href=" (glitchspot won't let me post the picture or a link) EDIT: Nevermind, I just cleared my browser's cache and it came up instantly. So unless its an amazing coincidence: problem solved, humility gained.
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Weird I see a blue haired afro dude with skull makeup